Apollo kucoin Airdrop

Apollo Kucoin

Token Symbol APL
Estimated value $15
Expiry date 12 Aug, 2018
Published date 3 months ago

Project Description

Apollo is hosting an airdrop in which individuals can earn up to 3,000 APL tokens. The Airdrop consists of instructions needed to vote for Apollo to be listed on the KuCoin exchange.

We believe Apollo has a great shot at being one of the top 20 currencies. It has enormous potential in many capacities. For one it includes the option for private or public transactions. All of the largest privacy coins in the market do not include a public transaction option, this is critical for mass adoption.

Apollo has brought features that have previously only been available outside of the private market. Apart from being a potentially major player in the token/ICO market (They will have a smart contract and side chain system like Ethereum).

Step By Step Guide :

  1. Sign up on the KuCoin Exchange
  2. Join KuCoin Telegram Voting Bot and complete all steps, (Be sure to input 'Apollo' as any mistypes will not be counted)
  3. Take a screenshot or snippet of your vote, be sure to include your email-address
  4. Join Apollo Telegram Bot and complete the tasks
  5. For every referral you will gain 1,000 APL ($5)

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End in: 12 Aug, 2018

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