lendo airdrop

Lendo Round 2

Token Symbol ELT
Estimated value $18
Expiry date 15 Aug, 2018
Published date 3 months ago

Project Description

Lendo’s mission is to connect conventional banking services and cryptocurrency through the Lendo card and smart wallet system. Lendo makes several types of blockchain assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens, spendable in real time when using the Lendo credit card.

Technical and Commercial whitepaper available. The team looks solid and LinkedIn links to nearly all of them are available. There are already some competitors in this market but still no market leader, yet.

Step By Step Guide :

  1. Sign up on the Lendo Website
  2. There are 3 steps which you will be required to go through (Join, Loan, Card & Free ELT). There are options available for you to skip them if you wish, the questions are provided so Lendo has a better view on what the community would choose
  3. Join Telegram
  4. For every referral, you will receive an additional 5 ELT tokens

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End in: 15 Aug, 2018

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