Zinc Airdrop


Token Symbol ZINC
Estimated value $10
Expiry date 14 Aug, 2018
Published date 3 months ago

Project Description

By creating a Zinc profile and sharing their data users become more valuable for advertisers, get greater rewards and watch less ads.

We've mentioned this many times before, the marketing industry is massive and with more and more platforms releasing, Zinc will be in a crowded market.

Partnerships and Community growth will ensure Zinc takes great strides in their roadmap. The token supply is rather large potentially valued at 350mn market cap, which is rather high considering there are more established projects in the space.

Step By Step Guide :

  1. Open Telegram Bot
  2. Provide email
  3. Provide ETH address
  4. Join Telegram
  5. Follow Twitter
  6. Follow on Facebook
  7. Refer for additional tokens

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End in: 14 Aug, 2018

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